Persona is classified as a SMS Bomber, it's purpose is to spam your freinds via text messages through anonymous numbers that won't trace back to you. Every message sent through Persona will be through a different number.
All updates made to Persona after purchasing will be free. I love developing applications that users enjoy using. That being said I really appreciate suggestions from backers who support my work.


  • Only US Number Support
  • GUI Support
  • Windows 7-10
  • Free Updates
  • Fast and Efficient
  • 24/7 Support
  • Video

    Updates/Bug fixes

    Persona 1.7
    fixed message error
    Updated GUI
    fixed start button being unresponsive
    removed option to maximize and minimize GUI

    Persona 1.8
    fixed GUI being unresponsive after pressing start
    fixed GUI layout sometimes extending
    fixed messages not sending

    Persona 2.0
    fixed progress bar
    fixed GUI bug that caused a static overlay
    added support for threads
    Updated GUI

    Persona 2.3
    added new counter that indicates how many messages have been sent so far
    fixed standalone exe (does not require external files to run)
    optimized GUI for better performance


    Vouches here

    Terms of Service

    Any misuse/resell/piracy/share of any of my programs will result in user being revoked the right to receive future updates to any of my programs and being black listed from purchasing any of my products. Charging back on paypal without a clear explanaton will also result in user being black listed from purchasing any of my programs. Once you've purchased any of my programs all future updates regarding that program will be free unless not properly funded; then updates will come slower due to how time consuming these projects are.